Chris Knierim's Forest Lodge Eco House Eco House

Chris Knierim Demonstrates The Forest Lodge Eco House Eco House

Chris Knierim, the creative mind behind the award winning project Forest Lodge ECO House - ECO House by Chris Knierim spells out, As the surrounding properties reflected the history of the heritage area, this new house on a vacant block, added to tha <Cropped>

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Parking Lot and Entrance National Museum by Marcel Eekhout and Paul De Kort

Marcel Eekhout and Paul De Kort Shows The Invisible Parking Fortification Vechten Parking Lot and Entrance National Museum

Marcel Eekhout and Paul de Kort, the designer of the awarded design Award Winning Invisible parking fortification Vechten Parking lot and entrance national museum explicates, This is the entrance to the new national museum of the Dutch Waterline in f <Cropped>

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Kris Lin's Geometry Space House

Kris Lin Reveals The Geometry Space House

Kris Lin, the author of the award winning design Geometry Space - HOUSE by Kris Lin spells out, This project is a villa project located in [SAC Beigan Hill International Arts Centre] in Shanghai suburbs, there is an arts center in community, providin <Cropped>

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Mystery Build 2014-$21, 000 in Awards

Create a Work of Art Using Only The Materials Provided in a Mystery Build Kit! What's Inside? We Can't Tell You!mystery Build 2014 Call For Artists and Creators. Awards: $21, 000 in Cash Awards, Plus Gift Cards For Art Supplies! Submission

Create a work of art using only the materials provided in a mystery build kit! what's inside? we can't tell you!Mystery build 2014 call for artists and creators. awards: $21,000 in cash awards, plus gift cards for art supplies! submi <Cropped>

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Naming Spoon-spoon, Gift by Katherine Brunacci

Katherine Brunacci Shows The Naming Spoon Spoon, Gift

Katherine Brunacci, the author of the displayed work Naming Spoon - Spoon, gift by Katherine Brunacci spells out, The 'Naming Spoon' came from a need to offer a modern and popular alternative to the traditional Christening present, of a sp <Cropped>

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Memories (usbstick) by Christos Tsigaras

Christos Tsigaras Portrays The Memories (usbstick) Usb Stick

Christos Tsigaras, the maker of the highlighted project usb stick by Christos Tsigaras points out, The USB stick, it’s the most well-known data storage medium. It knows all users, regardless of age and their knowledge about PC’s. All of us exploi <Cropped>

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Chair and Table by Jan Sepka For My Dva Group a.s

Jan Sepka For My Dva Group a.s Illustrates The Modrava Chair and Table Chair and Table

Jan Sepka For My Dva Group a.s, the creative mind behind the awarded work Jan Sepka For My Dva Group a.s's Modrava chair and table chair and table explicates, The Modrava chair and table are designed from a 14 mm-thick coil-shaped steel bar that <Cropped>

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Publish Design Book With Designer Press

If You Are a Designer, Artists or Architect, Then Publishing Your Design Book With Designer Press Is Your Chance to Highlight Your Expertise, Wisdom and Experience

If you are passionate about your designs and creations and wish the world to know about it, getting your design book published is what you need. By publishing your design book, you could unlock a different level of creativity within yourself meanwhil <Cropped>

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Danish Crowdsourcing Logo Design Contest

Danish Crowdsourcing Is Crowdsourcing Their New Logo Design! Help Us Find Our Graphic Identity and Win €800, -!help Us Find Our Graphic Indentity and Win €800, -! Contest Duration: September 29th-october 8th Please See The Following Link For Fur

Danish crowdsourcing is crowdsourcing their new logo design! help us find our graphic identity and win €800,-!Help us find our graphic indentity and win €800,-! contest duration: september 29th - october 8th please see the following link fo <Cropped>

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Airport Control Centre by Lam Wai Ming

Lam Wai Ming Discloses The Functional Aesthetic Airport Control Centre

Lam Wai Ming, the thinktank behind the displayed work Lam Wai Ming's Functional Aesthetic airport control centre illustrates, This is the Control Centre of Hong Kong International Airport. The challenge is to efficiently accommodate densely equi <Cropped>

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