Agi Architects's Fawsec Campus Residential Complex Building

Agi Architects Illustrates The Fawsec Campus Residential Complex Building

AGi architects, the architect of the awarded project Residential Complex Building by AGi architects explicates, Fawsec Campus has been designed as a mid-rise building where a dense development would provide the best thermal conditions for the apartme <Cropped>

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Hometex Amsterdam Trade Fair

Hometex Amsterdam Is An International Home Textile & Interior Design Trade Fair

Hometex Amsterdam will be held between 21-23 September 2014 at the largest fairground of The Netherlands at the Rai Convention Center. The International Home Textile & Interior Design Trade Fair will be attracting thousands of home textile and in <Cropped>

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Personnel Scanner by Intelligent Product Solutions

Intelligent Product Solutions Illustrates The Provision2 Personnel Scanner

Intelligent Product Solutions, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Award Winning ProVision2 Personnel scanner says, The ProVision 2 with Automatic Target Detection is a scanner offering excellent checkpoint detection and throughput. It scree <Cropped>

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Perfume Bottle and Packaging by Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt Shows The Baldessarini – Secret Mission Perfume Bottle and Packaging

Peter Schmidt, the architect of the highlighted design Peter Schmidt's Baldessarini – Secret Mission perfume bottle and packaging says, After many years of collaboration, Werner Baldessarini asked Peter Schmidt Atelier to create a flacon for h <Cropped>

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Dental Inn-a Therapy-Lounge-Therapy-Lounge For Dental Beauty by Peter Stasek Architect

Peter Stasek Architect Shares The Dental Inn-a Therapy-Lounge Therapy-Lounge For Dental Beauty

Peter Stasek Architect, the designer of the displayed work therapy-lounge for dental beauty by Peter Stasek Architect demonstrates, The project "Dental INN" has been designed as a dental facility in form of a therapy-lounge for dental beau <Cropped>

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Faucets by Valfsel Design Team

Valfsel Design Team Presents The Electra Faucets

Valfsel Design Team, the thinktank behind the awarded work Faucets by Valfsel Design Team illustrates, Electra that does not have separate handle attracts everyone due to its elegance and smart appearance is decisive to be unique for kitchens. Pull d <Cropped>

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Stationery:commod – Feines in Holz by Jens Lattke

Jens Lattke Demonstrates The Commod – Feines in Holz Stationery

Jens Lattke, the designer of the highlighted project Jens Lattke's commod – Feines in Holz Stationery explicates, „commod“ is specialised in interior work. True to the motto “fine wooden commodities” the company realises especially hig <Cropped>

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Nouveau-Toilet Bowl by Cliff Shin

Cliff Shin Designs The Nouveau Toilet Bowl

Cliff Shin, the designer of the awarded project Cliff Shin's Nouveau Toilet bowl spells out, This is a new level of toilet bowl that carries new innovation, higher marketability, and better functionality. Moreover, it is an environment friendly <Cropped>

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Daylight Spaces 2014

Until The Economic Production of Artificial Lighting Systems Daylight Was of Supreme Importance For The Utilisation of Buildings and Determining Element For Special Design. Therefore, Architectural Interventions On Existing and Historical Buildings and De

Until the economic production of artificial lighting systems daylight was of supreme importance for the utilisation of buildings and determining element for special design. therefore, architectural interventions on existing and historical buildings a <Cropped>

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University Cafe by Bentel and Bentel Architects/Planners

Bentel and Bentel Architects/Planners Shares The Ground Cafe At Yale University University Cafe

Bentel and Bentel Architects/Planners, the creative mind behind the displayed project University Cafe:Ground Cafe at Yale University by Bentel and Bentel Architects/Planners explains, The new 'Ground' cafe serves not only to create social c <Cropped>

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