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Design has many definitions, but folks at the design encyclopedia project are more interested in your definition of design. Share your insights and in depth knowledge by defining design. The design encyclopedia project is a hybrid of wikipedia and ur <Cropped>

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Olga Is For Carrying a Laptop. by Private Case by Ari Korolainen

Private Case by Ari Korolainen Creates The Olga Is For Carrying a Laptop. Case

Private Case by Ari Korolainen, the creator of the displayed design Case:Olga is for carrying a laptop. by Private Case by Ari Korolainen points out, A laptop case with a special adjustable strap-like handle and clever straps for fastening another sm <Cropped>

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Jcb Project 120

Design a Jcb Backhoe Loader For The Year 2073. The Operation of The Machine, The Environment It Works in, Extra Functions, Energy Sources, Materials, Technologies, Style and Design-is Down to You!prizes. 1st Prize £2, 000, 2nd Prize £1, 000, 3rd Prize

Design a jcb backhoe loader for the year 2073. the operation of the machine, the environment it works in, extra functions, energy sources, materials, technologies, style and design - is down to you!Prizes. 1st prize £2,000, 2nd prize £1,000, 3rd p <Cropped>

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Ads For Design Awards

There Are So Many Awards For Ads, But What About Ads For Awards, Here Are My Picks From a Prime Design Awards

The A' Design Award & Competition published their latest ads campaign for the awards, here are some of my favorites from the campaign. My absolute favorite is the It's Hard but the It's Science creative is equally well done. All th <Cropped>

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Log Holder by Kilian O'sullivan

Kilian O'sullivan Illustrates The Woody 1 Log Holder

Kilian O'Sullivan, the creative mind behind the displayed work Woody 1 by Kilian O'Sullivan explicates, The Minimalist clarity and lightness of these log holders is bought to the problem of stacking of firewood in the home . Their eye-catch <Cropped>

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Cafe by J. Candice Interior Architects

J. Candice Interior Architects Shares The T Cafe 1954 Cafe

J. Candice Interior Architects, the designer of the displayed design J. Candice Interior Architects's T cafe 1954 Cafe explicates, T Cafe 1954 is a new cafe, created by Tai Cheong Bakery which was found in 1954. Our goal is to capture and modern <Cropped>

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Desire by Vasil Velchev

Vasil Velchev Spotlights The Desire Chair

Vasil Velchev, the thinktank behind the awarded design Chair by Vasil Velchev explains, Desire is a chair which have the purpose to increase your passion and lust with its smooth shape and soft color. It is not for people looking for relax, its a cha <Cropped>

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2014 Franz Award

The Franz Award Is An International Porcelain Design Contest Established in 2007. We Aim to Provide a Platform For Young Designers Around The World to Meet and Gather Creativity and Inspiration. Organized by 2014 Franz Award Project Team[call For Entries

The franz award is an international porcelain design contest established in 2007. we aim to provide a platform for young designers around the world to meet and gather creativity and inspiration. Organized by 2014 franz award project team[call for ent <Cropped>

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Coca-Cola Tet 2014-Soft Drink Packaging by Rice Creative

Rice Creative Shows The Coca-Cola Tet 2014 Soft Drink Packaging

Rice Creative, the author of the awarded work Coca-Cola Tet 2014 by Rice Creative points out, To create a series of Coca-Cola cans which spread millions of Tet wishes nation wide. We utilized Coca-cola's Tet symbol (the Swallow Bird) as the devi <Cropped>

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Sultan Sel, Burak Emre Altınordu, Vestel's Bent Customizable All-in-one Pc Customizable All-in-one Pc

Sultan Sel, Burak Emre Altınordu, Vestel Discloses The Bent Customizable All-in-one Pc Customizable All-in-one Pc

Sultan Sel, Burak Emre Altınordu, VESTEL, the project leader of the awarded design Customizable All-in-One PC:BENT Customizable All-in-One PC by Sultan Sel, Burak Emre Altınordu, VESTEL says, Mass customization does not fit easily as a model withi <Cropped>

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