Concept Warning System by Anjan Cariappa M M

Anjan Cariappa M M Portrays The Saving Millions of Lives On The Road! Concept Warning System

Anjan Cariappa M M, the architect of the highlighted project Anjan Cariappa M M's Saving Millions of Lives on the road! Concept Warning System spells out, Why do traffic lights have an orange but automobile brake lights do not? Cars today come only with red brake lights at the rear. This "outdated" warning system has major drawbacks especially at higher speeds. The red warning light is displayed only AFTER the driver hits the brakes. PACA (Predictive Alerts for Collision Aversion) displays a prior warning orange light BEFORE the driver in the lead vehicle applies the brakes. This lets the driver of the second vehicle stop in time and prevents a collision. This paradigm shift corrects a life threatening flaw in an existing design..

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